Bin storage area cleaning

Bin-Cleaned provides an effective cleaning solution for bin storage areas, which are often neglected but are a breeding ground for the same bacterial build up and pest infestation as the bins themselves.

Having your bin storage area cleaned:

  • Reduces pest infestation

  • Eliminates offensive odours

  • Improves hygiene standards

  • Reduces risk of cross contamination

With our bin storage area cleaning service, your bin store will be swept, discarded rubbish bagged and placed in the bins, then using a high-pressure water system and biodegradable cleaning solutions the bin storage areas are left clean, disinfected and we will then fully deodorise the area leaving smelling fresh and clean.

To maintain high standards of hygiene we recommend that the bins and bin storage areas are professionally cleaned, disinfected and deodorised on a regular basis. Thus reducing the potential of vermin infestation.

This service will normally be carried out during our routine bin cleaning visit but can be specifically requested by our clients.

vicky gray

Great and efficient service! Easy to sign up and bin smells great now, would highly recommend.

Vicky Gray

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