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Bin Cleaned offer the public and industry an effective comprehensive on-site cleaning facility for wheelie bins and bin storage areas eliminating bad smells, production of infectious bacteria and pest infestations

Using our locally sourced, environmentally friendly cleaning materials we are able to kill 99% of all known bacteria, leaving your bins in the highest standard of hygiene and cleanliness.

Not only does our cleaning process eliminate bacteria and pest infestations, it also reduces the potential to attract rats, other such rodents and insects possibly carrying infectious germs and viruses to the dirty bins and bin storage areas.

Did you know it is now estimated that there are 60 million rats currently in the UK, that’s one rat per person!

With the growing concerns of health and hygiene in the UK, we feel that with our cleaning process on a regular basis in conjunction with other government hygiene policies we can help reduce the spread of disease not only in your home but in your working environment.

The process of cleaning, disinfecting and deodorising wheelie bins is difficult, if not dangerous to do. But wheelie bin cleaning is now considered to be an important factor towards reducing the risk of bacterial build-ups that are responsible for common cold and viral infections, not to mention the majority of food poisoning cases in the UK.

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angie sutherland

Amazing! Love getting my bin cleaned every fortnight. Keeps the smells away!

Angie Sutherland

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