Wheelie Bin Power Wash Clean

Each bin goes through the same cleaning process, it is lifted by into the wash position, where high pressure jets will rid the bin of all dirt and grime by the use of a biodegradable degreasing agent.  Any excess water is then drained within our custom designed equipment to be filtered and recycled, the bin is then chemically sanitised with a biodegradable disinfectant and deodorised with our unique fragrance. This ensures your bin smells fresh all year round and the disinfectant will help kill germs and fly larvae.

All our products are purchased from local suppliers and meet local SEPA and Government legislation

Any small amount of rubbish from your bin will be placed in a sealed bag and returned to the bin. Please note we can only clean bins that are empty.

Bin ‘Put Out & Return’ Service

This is a service that can be utilised by our clients that go on holiday or have aged parents or have sustained an injury that makes it difficult to put your bin out. Your bin will be put out for emptying the night before and then returned to an agreed location after cleaning. Please contact Bin-Cleaned to apply. We will complete an assessment of your property and confirm suitability and cost.For further details refer to Price list or contact our office.

Bin Storage Area Cleaning

Bin-Cleaned provides an effective cleaning solution for bin storage areas, which are often neglected but are a breeding ground for the same bacterial build up and pest infestation as the bins themselves.
With our bin storage area cleaning service, your bin store will be swept, discarded rubbish bagged and placed in the bins, then using a high-pressure water system and biodegradable cleaning solutions & eco-friendly chemicals, the bin storage areas are left clean, disinfected and we will then fully deodorise the area leaving smelling fresh and clean.

To maintain high standards of hygiene we recommend that the bins and bin storage areas are professionally cleaned, disinfected and deodorised on a regular basis.

This service will normally be carried out during our routine bin cleaning visit but can be specifically requested an ad hoc basis.


colleen manson

Bin Cleaned were my knights in shining armour!! My plea for help upon discovering my bin crawling with maggots was answered immediately. First class service from start to finish with easy communication and payment. Thank you. Wouldn't know what I would have done without you!

Coleen Manson

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